Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Winter Make Up!!

I've have been asked a lot recently what lipstick or eyeshadow I'm wearing, or what nail varnish I've got on so I thought this week would be all about my Winter Make Up Bag!

Today will be my go-to lipsticks of this season so far. I will however start with apologizing for the lighting in these pictures, I've been trying to find a good light all day to do these lip products justice, and bad lighting paired with taking pictures on my iPhone means they are not great! A problem I will try and fix ASAP!!

I thought I'd break the products down into the following -

Favourite :

Lip Balm
Party Lips

My favourite lip balm at the moment is the Baby Lips by Maybelline, and I'm using Hydrate. Which I love, and always carry round with me to keep my lips hydrated on cold winter days. These are available in most drugstores and supermarkets, for around £2.99

My favourite Nude at the moment is Loreal Collection Privee by Julianne. This really is the perfect nude for me, and it's a really creamy formula that feels great on the lips. I think it's great they have a nude for every skin tone, they have six shades and they are around £8 from a drugstore.

My favorite party lips! This is my Ultimate favourite from Mac's dazzleglass range called Bare Necessity. This picture really doesn't do this product justice, it's so SPARKLY!!! You can wear it on its own like I have on the picture, or layer it over your favourite lipstick to add that extra special pop! It's £17.50 so you have to love it to buy it - which I do!!!

My favourite winter gloss. I've really been into deep berry shades recently so this gloss by Rimmel has to be my favourite. It glides on your lips, it's lightweight, it's not sticky and it smells GORGEOUS! Technically it's not a gloss it's a lip lacquer, but I would compare the high shine and applicator to a gloss. It comes in 13 colours, and this one is called Galaxy, and is around £6.50 in most drugstores.

My favourite winter lipstick! No surprises I've gone for a Soap & Glory product in this mix but this lipstick is my fave!!! Not normally one to go for a Matte but when I swatched this in boots I knew I had to have it!! It's their Super Colour FABU lipstick in powder coat matte in the colour Pom Pom for £9.00 in Boots, it only comes in 3 colours :-( but I love everything about it, including it's very stylish packing!

Those are my winter favourite lipsticks, what are some of you must haves for this time of year?

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Hannah x

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