Thursday, 6 February 2014

Get your Glow Back - Fake it!

Sometimes no matter what we do we just can't get our skin to look glowing and refreshed so sometimes we have to fake it! 

I use highlighter/illuminater almost every day to do just that!

Here's a couple of my favourites... 

One is a pink toned liquid illuminater the other is a golden toned powder. I like a liquid either under, mixed with or over my foundation, it's a really versatile product that you can use in different ways to achieve what you want for that day. I love the gold toned powder, even though it can only be used over foundation, it gives a warm healthy glow and I use that on the tops of my cheek bones nearly every day.

Both of the ones used here we're limited editions that you can't get anymore but they're are plenty on the market to choose from depending on your price range and look you like to achieve. 

The easiest to work with if your new to highlighter I think is a powder, I would say go to your nearest drugstore and play around with them on the back of your hand. If you like a more bronzed look or have a darker skin tones give the golden toned highlighters a go, or if you have fairer skin, or like pinky blush go for a pink toned highlighter. 

I was looking at the soap and glory stand (again) the other day and they have highlighters in both pink or gold tones that we're gorgeous! 

Let me know your favourite highlighter to use when you need to fake it!

Hannah x

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